Happy Hobo Brand Gourmet Grass Fed Beef Jerky Logo by Spencer Supak. Links to Supak.com home of free desktop wallpaper and other fun and free stuff!Gourmet Spicy Grass-fed Beef Jerky from Highlander Cattle Raised by Nectar Hills Farm in Central New York

Happy Hobo Grass Fed Beef Jerky

We regret that the grass-fed beef jerky is not currently available. We hope to return at some point in the future.

Happy Hobo Beef Jerky is hand crafted in small batches in Cherry Valley, New York, by the Supak family. They use as many local and organic ingredients in their boutique jerky as possible: like local garlic, local honey, and New York State ale. 

All of the Happy Hobo Grass-fed Beef Jerky is made from the top round cut from 100% organic grass-fed cattle raised by Nectar Hills Farm, usually from the Highlander breed of cattle.  Find out more on the Happy Hobo grass-fed beef jerky blog.

All the different flavors of this beef jerky are gourmet quality, featuring an almost addictive, slow-melting cascade of rich, smoky, peppery flavors.  More types of the grass-fed beef jerky will be coming soon, but in the mean time, here are two that are selling very well at the Cooperstown Farmer's Market, and in the Nectar Hills Farm store in Cherry Valley. You may purchase them now, right here, via Pay Pal.

Please note that this jerky is hand-made in small batches and you may have a short wait before your order is filled.

Grass Fed Spicy Beef Jerky from Nectar Hills Farm in Central New York made with Ommegang Hennepin Ale and other local to upstate NY ingredients.Grass-fed beef is better for you, the animal, and the planet.


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